Camping is a surefire way to relax and recharge. Fresh air and a love of the wilderness have been cited as the root cause for the continuing popularity of camping. It is an affordable activity that brings the whole family together. Camping trips let you share a few carefree laughs with family and friends, explore nature and live life to the max.

Here are a few tips to make your next camping trip completely hassle-free.

Getting the Right Camping Gear

camping in a forrest while on holiday

When it comes to camping gear, it is always a good idea to stick to the basics. If you are unsure about what to take on your trip, pack the gear that simplifies camping for you. For example, Hobo pie irons and tripod grills can save you the hassle of cooking on the rocks. Just place them over the fire and you are good to go! Take the time to learn about your options and choose wisely.

Mosquito Repellent

half a lemon which is good as mosquito repellent

Mosquito bites can ruin a camping trip like nothing else! It is impossible to enjoy with mosquitoes buzzing all around you. Usually, an insect repellent spray is enough to keep the annoying bugs at bay but you can always use the following trick.

  • Dress properly to protect yourself from insects. If it is not very hot, try a long-sleeved shirt and pants to keep mosquitoes off your case. Go for light-colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors.

  • Drinking lemon juice is known to repel mosquitoes. Adding a bit of lemon juice to your water can help in avoiding mosquito bites. You can also spray a mixture of water and lemon juice on your skin to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.

  • Add sage to your campfire to repel mosquitoes. Sage is a natural bug deterrent that will keep mosquitoes from ruining your fun. While most people enjoy the refreshing smell of sage, mosquitoes do not. The smell will linger on your skin and clothes for hours even after the sage is done burning.

  • A slightly smellier alternative for avoiding the ugly, itchy mosquito bites is to rub garlic on your skin. Obviously, this is not a popular choice but it can be very effective at keeping the mosquitoes away. Use a garlic clove if you ever forget to bring a mosquito repellent.

Fire Starting Hacks

Campfire hacks, roaring camp fire

What’s camping without huddling around a campfire? It is an incredibly important part of the camping experience. Everyone is familiar with the traditional teepee setting for starting a fire but do you know the following hacks? Check out the following tips and trick to easily start a campfire in minutes.

  • You can light a fire with Doritos! Your favorite snack burns like dry wood. Once you start a fire, simply throw in a handful of Doritos. You will have a raging fire in minutes.

  • Turn your campfire into a mystic sparkling magic show by throwing in a little bit of powdered coffee creamer. Your morning coffee creamer can make the campfire sparkle right before your eyes! Simply toss some in the fire and get mesmerized by the amazing effects.

  • What if I tell you that you can change the color of your campfire flame? That’s right! You can change the color of the campfire flame by throwing in some pinecones. Collect a few pinecones and soak them in a colorant overnight. Thankfully, the colorants you need are easily available.

  • To make a pinecone that will turn your fire green, all you need is Borax or Boric acid. Epsom salts work best for a red colored flame and table salt will do for a yellow effect.

  • Dissolve your colorant in a bucket of water and soak the pines in it overnight. Let the pines dry completely before tossing them in the fire to enjoy a brilliant, colorful campfire. Preparing the color changing pinecones is an excellent fun experiment for the kids.

  • Cotton dipped in wax or Vaseline is a great way of starting a fire. It will last for minutes and you can easily build your campfire around it without having to burn through a billion matches.

Camping Food Hacks

Camping holiday food hacks, cooking on a fire

Try these genius food hacks to redefine your camping experience.

  • Carrying eggs on a camping trip can be a chaos. Crack them up and store them in a bottle or Mason jar beforehand. Toss the bottle/jar with your stuff. You will never have to worry about broken eggs on a camping trip again!

  • If you want to cook over a fire, build the fire in a narrow trench. You can also use green logs to support your cookware over the fire.

  • Do you fancy popcorns? If yes, prepare them for your next trip! Pour around 2 tablespoons of oil in the middle of an 18” piece of a heavy-duty aluminum foil. Place popcorns in it and sprinkle a pinch or two of salt. Fold the foil over the oil and popcorns and tuck around the edges to make a packet.

  • Make sure you leave space for the kernels to pop or else they can rip the foil. Simply hold your packet over the campfire with a tong or a camping fork. As soon as the popping stops, get the packet away from the fire and enjoy your popcorns!

  • Can’t start your day without coffee? Pour some coffee in filters and tie them with dental floss to make your own coffee-bags! Throw in a bag in a pot of boiling water and…Voila! Your coffee is ready.

  • For breakfast, make an omelet by boiling eggs in a zip lock bag. Add eggs, tomatoes, cheese and salt in a zip lock bag and set the bag in a pan of boiling water. Poach until the egg sets; take it out of the bag to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

  • Don’t go spice-less. Store spices in old tic-tac boxes. If you cannot find any tic-tac boxes, use pill organizers to store spices without a hassle.

So when are you going to go on your next camping trip?

Hassle-Free Camping

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