Turkey is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world! This country offers a unique blend of experiences and attracts around 39 million tourists every year. It has been ranked 6th in the ranking of the Most Visited Countries in the World according to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) data.

From icy peaks to hot deserts, beautiful beaches and much, much more, Turkey has something for everyone. Let’s have a look at the top 4 things that you cannot miss out while in Turkey.

  1. Experience the Cultural Sites and Unique Architecture

Turkeys culture to see when travelling

Turkey is famous for its architectural beauty. It is packed with cultural heritage which makes travelling fun as well as educational.

The diversity of Turkish architecture is mindboggling! This doesn’t come as a surprise because throughout history, Turkey has been ruled by a number of civilizations. Each era left an impact on the Turkish culture and architecture. In fact, there are 13 spots in Turkey that have made to the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the cultural wonders of Turkey.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a masterpiece from the Roman Empire. The great dome of Hagia Sophia was originally created as a church for a Roman Emperor, Justinian I. It is located in Istanbul and was converted into a museum in 1935.

This was the largest church in the Christian history for about 1,000 years. It is considered as one the most historically important locations in Turkey.


Aphrodisias is named after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, the goddess of nature and love. Aphrodisias offers the impressive remains of a once-glorious city. It is situated on a high plateau in the Aydin Province.

Aphrodisias was a cultural and intellectual center for more than 600 years. Students and scholars used to flock from all over the world. A walk through the remains makes you wonder about the lives of people who lived and perished here through the rise and demise of a great civilization.

The Blue Mosque

Blue mosque also known as the Sultan mosque is a famous tourist attraction located in Istanbul. The exterior of Blue mosque does not have a hint of blue, but as you enter the mosque you will see the intricate work of the striking blue tiles.

It is closed for tourists for around half an hour during the five daily prayers because apart from being a tourist attraction, it is also an active mosque. It is considered as one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

Sea Turkey from a hot air balloon while travelling

Cappadocia is a fairytale kingdom located in Central Anatolia. Shaped by volcanic eruption and erosion, Cappadocian plains are the perfect spot for a hot air balloon ride. You can choose a personalized hot air balloon tour based on the length of flight, capacity of the balloons and cost.

Tour companies offer different flights. Standard flights carry more people but they are more cost-friendly. It is a good idea to book a standard flight when you have a tight budget.

You can also book a deluxe flight which stays up in the air for more time as compared standard and carry less people. If you are looking for a beautiful, romantic tour, you can also book a private air balloon. Usually a hot air balloon ride can last anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

You can go air ballooning all around the year but sometimes flights may get cancelled due to unusually heavy rain or snow. To avoid hot summers and snowy winters, it is advisable to plan a trip to Cappadocia during the spring (April-June) and fall (September-October) months.

Cappadocia is a bucket list worthy destination. It is a great place to make unforgettable memories at!

  1. Sea Tourism and Beach Holidays

Young children splashing in the sea while on holiday

The beaches of Turkey can offer you the most beautiful summer holidays of your life. Turkey has one of the longest coastlines of any of the countries on the Mediterranean. The long, sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water are the place to get that perfect tan.

The Iztuzu Beach in South Aegean is a natural conservation area. Surrounded by magnificent, pine covered hills it serves as one of the primary nesting place for endangered loggerhead sea turtles.

The Cleopetra Beach is very popular among tourists. It has one of the largest resorts of Turkey, Alyana which offers accommodation and other nautical activities. You can spend your day swimming in the ocean or escape the city in a cruise from Alyana. You can also get aboard the Alyana Pirate Boat.

Many Turkish beaches promote nautical activities like snorkeling, jet skiing and parasailing.

Sky Diving and Paragliding

Turkey offers a number of Sky diving and paragliding drops for people looking for an adventurous vacation. If you are an adrenaline junkie, head straight out to any of the drops. The closest Skydiving drop to Istanbaul is in Anarka. Other drop zones include Selçuk Efes Havaalanı in Izmir and spots in Antalya.

Some of the most popular flight zones for paragliding in Turkey include Oludeniz (Mugla), Pamukkale (Denizli), Kas (Antalya), Egirdir (Isparta), Golbasi (Ankara), Abant Mountains (Bolu), Ucmakdere (Tekirdag), Inonu (Eskisehir), Ali Mountain (Kayseri).

  1. Fun Family Activities

Family activities on holiday such as a carousel

Turkey is the most popular family holiday spot in Europe. It offers a number of fun activities that are enjoyable for adults and children alike. Some fantastic activities that you can enjoy with your family are listed below.

  • Visit Turkey’s splendid Aquariums to spend some time getting acquainted with the underwater world. Large and small aquariums are open all around the year in nearly all major cities of Turkey.

  • Book a jeep safari through picturesque scenery mountains. It will give you an opportunity to visit Turkish villages and get an insight into the lives of Turks in rural areas.

  • Amusement parks of Turkey promise entertainment for all ages and taste. Aqua-parks, theme parks and dolphinariums are found in all major cities.

You can find an enormous variety of attractions in Turkey. From natural and architectural beauty to phenomenal recreational activities, this place clearly has a lot to offer. Turkish cuisines and dresses are also famous all around the world. Don’t forget to visit the vibrant local markets.

So when are you going to visit Turkey?

4 Things to do in Turkey

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